June 6, 2012

What's The Green Carpet Challenge?

The Green Carpet Challenge or GCC began in 2009 by Livia Firth, (Colin Firth's wife) when she was challenged to take sustainable style to the world's biggest red carpet events. The idea was to put the best sustainable style in the public eye.

Venice Festival 2009

Since Venice Festival in 2009, where her husband, Colin Firth, won the Best Actor Award, she has worn only sustainable fashion gowns, this reflects the ethics grown in fashion from a trend to a fully fledged movement.

A small team began to support GCC: Lucy Siegle, who encourage Livia to start it, fashion sourcing expert Jocelyn Whipple and the queen of Upycling Design, Orsola De Castro. 

Golden Globes 2010
Oscars 2010
That first year Livia wore a repurposed wedding gown for the Gloden Globes, milk fiber,  reclaimed vintage and mud dyed silk for the Paris Premiere. For the Oscars 2010 Livia wore an elegant black gown with a ruffled sleeve by Orsola De Castro, but few knew the designer has rustled every scrap from luxury fashion houses to make it.

Oscars 2011

The night when Collin Firth won the Best Actor Oscar for the King's Speech; Livia wore a gown by Gary Harvey made from vintage material of unsalvageable dresses from the King's Speech era. She also wore the first Fairtrade ecologically certified gold and responsibly sourced gemstones jewelry piece by Anna Loucah.

Met Ball 2011
At the Met Ball, Livia looked astonishing with a Stella McCartney jumpsuit embroided with vintage beads and made from 100% organic silk cultivated and produced in Switzerland. 

This year we have followed the GCC movement at the Oscars 2012 and in Cannes Film Festival; bringing sustainable style innovation to the biggest entertainment events.

Fashion is a great communicating tool and CGG promotes social justice, environmental integrity and brilliant design thorugh what we love: Fashion!

You can follow GCC Livia Firth's movement on her Vogue.com blog and the Eco-Age webpage.

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