December 22, 2011

Nike Recicla Revistas / Nike Recycles Magazines

Nike Women's Premium Pack

La marca deportiva Nike ha presentado una colección de tennis o zapatillas realizados con revistas recicladas.

Nike Blazer Mid Premium

El Nike Womes's Premium Print Pack saldrá a la venta el 1º de Enero en una Edición Especial disponible en Europa, China y algunas países emergentes.

Nike Air Rift Premium

El Print Pack contiene tres modelos Nike: El Nike Flash Macro Premium, Nike Blazer Mid Premium y Nike Air Rift Premium. 

Nike Flash Macro Premium

Cada par tiene un patrón único protegido con una mica transparente a través de cual se pueden descubrir narrativas secretas.
¡Nueva vida al papel!

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Nike just released a shoe collection made from old recycled magazines.

The Nike Womes's Premium Print Pack will debut as a limited edition set of sneakers available only in Europe, China and selcted emerging markets starting January the 1st. 

The Print Pack contains three Nike styles: The Nike Flash Macro Premium, Nike Blazer Mid Premium and Nike Air Rift Premium.

Each shoe has a unique pattern protected by a transparent coating with lots of narratives to be discovered.

They may say print is dead, but for sure Nike is giving new life to it!

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