May 16, 2012

Vegan Queen Handbags

Vegan Queen handbags are made from natural, non-toxic, vegetal materials by poland designer Evelina Kulikovsky, who creates guilt free luxury since 2007 based on ecological, sustainable, socially-conscious and animal-friendly principles.

Designer Evelina Kulikovsky

She thinks that people won´t buy eco fashion because its eco, but because they like it and it happens to be an environmentally better choice; so Vegan Queen takes special care on design and uses the finest eco luxurious materials with careful attention to signature details. 

All bags are structured with strong eco-luxurious materials with premium quality and developed to the highest ecological standards.

Vegan Queen eco-luxury accessories are comparable to the world's most famous luxurious brands, which shows the real clue for the future evolution of green fashion and how traditional luxury and eco-luxury will eventually work hand in hand.

"Vegan Queen's mission is to promote a luxurious healthy lifestyle, while insuring a sustainable future."

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